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Passive windows Witraż

A window must be well though-out. It has to survive a decade of harsh winters and scorching summers. The way it is achieved cannot be noticed at first glance. Each component, every seal, glass pane or a piece of frame must be constructed and selected for this very purpose, and then assembled by an experienced team into a single product signed “Witraż”.

Since 1999, this is how we perceive windows in terms of their aesthetics, utility, production technology and new solutions. We think about them so that you don’t have to and won’t have to for many years after you’ve bought them. After all, their purpose is not thinking, but providing light and view.

13500 m² of production halls
350 employees
22 years on the market
250000 PVC windows a year
Over 20000 wooden windows a year
Over 1000000 of satisfied customers
WITRAŻ SPÓŁKA Z OGRANICZONĄ ODPOWIEDZIALNOŚCIĄ SP.K. Łyski 79C k/Białegostoku 16-070 Choroszcz Contact us

Witraż family business

WITRAŻ is a family-owned company existing on the market since 1999, boasting the largest PVC producer in the north-eastern region of Poland. We are one of the few companies in the country producing three materials - PVC, wood and aluminum. We have the latest technological solutions, the most automated production line, allowing for the production of 150,000. PVC windows per year. Nevertheless, we do not mass produce windows. We approach each order very individually, we take care of every detail, at every stage of implementation. From comprehensive advisory services, through specialized production on the most advanced production line, to meticulous control and safe preparation for transport. We are characterized by an excellent design oriented on changing conditions throughout Europe. We want to show every client that the window can not only be of high quality, but above all functional and simply beautiful.

In recent years, we have undergone a technical, organizational and marketing revolution. Investments in the most modern machine park and the construction of new production halls have made us today not only the first in Poland, but also one of three such modern, so automated window and door manufacturers in Europe.

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