An active passive window
An active passive window
a windows that gracefully meets all the requirements of a class A passive window.

V82 Powertherm +

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Balanced surroundings
Balanced surroundings
More than a basic A class model, combining all the advantages of a really good window.

V70 Perfectline

Meet the window

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the secrets of our PVC windows?

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A special seal in the frame groove.

In each PVC window, we install a special seal in the frame groove. This prevents dirt from collecting there, and make cleaning of the frame a lot easier.

Anti-burglary clips.

Our faultless fittings are designed to fit anti-burglary clips. These can be easily installed to increase security.

Armaments race? Not at all.

We have a sole, proven supplier and you can be sure that windows of the same type will always be made with steel of equal quality.

Only highest quality components from reputable companies.

We combine Veka and Aluplast profiles with Maco Multimatic fittings - no. 1 supplier of fitting in Poland, and Pilkington glasses - no. 1 in the world.

Fashionable grays, woodgrain, or maybe some colourful compositions?

We offer a broad selection of veneers with a warranty. The profiles are veneered by profile suppliers, what ensures that the window surface is uniform and precise.

We speak about our windows in a plain and understandable manner. If you choose our PVC windows, you can adapt them to your needs. A passive window? Economical one? Or maybe something in between, perfectly fitting your  flat? Witraż guarantees not only the best quality in a given product class, but also a wide selection of completely unusual windows emphasising your individuality.

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