Meet the Duo Regular
Meet the Duo Regular
Duo classic are windows with aluminium cladding without any rounded or sharp edges.

Wooden and aluminium window Duo Regular

Meet the window
Meet the Duo Modern
Meet the Duo Modern
Duo Modern are aluminium-cladded windows with a pronounced contours and raw form.

Wooden and aluminium window Duo Modern

Meet the window

Have you discovered all
the secrets of our wooden windows?

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We made our profiles from a glued laminated square timber.

This ensures that your window will not warp or lose its insulation parameters.

We impregnate our wood before the individual parts are assembled.

That’s the reason why they are so resistant to damage at the corner joints.

A solid aluminium hood of the window casement and frame with a seal.

Not only looks good, but also efficiently protects the wood from exposure to water.

We use the highest quality Winkhaus fittings.

Microventilation, anti-rush latch, mishandling lock and self-adjusting rotary anti-burglary plugs are our standard.

You do not have to paint our wooden windows every few years.

It's enough to double-clean the windows twice a year with a sponge with a protective agent for the varnish coat. It is very easy!

By choosing our wooden windows, you do not contribute to adverse climate change. We obtain window profiles only from certified sources of raw material that ensure their highest quality. Extremely durable oak, warm pine, stylish meranti? Which wood window you choose from is a matter of taste. We care for every detail and precision of their implementation.

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