Stable, but with imagination
Meet the Witraż HS 76

Outside of the box thinking about windows.
Witraż HS76

Meet the
Witraż HS 76

Outside of the box thinking about windows.
Witraż HS 76 is an exclusive lift and slide door system.
Allows for an unrestricted furnishing of terraces, balconies and winter gardens.

Stable construction of doors and wings
High tightness, saving thermal energy
Additional burglar protection
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Scroll down and check all parameters by downloading a pdf file.
Class B profile
Profile class
Uw 0,80 w/m2K
Uw factor
A triple glazed unit
The number of windows in the standard
Profile depth 76 mm
Profile depth
Maco Multimatic
Aluminum covers
Extra additives

Comfort and safety

Choose windows that are modern and elegant, but at the same time providing the sense of security and stabilisation. Impossible made possible. It will be a good choice, you will meet the expectations of even the most demanding home-dwellers. The family is the most important. Take care of it and in return you will receive gratitude and comfort.

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Compose the window
for yourself

Or maybe you would like to change the parameters of the selected window or create a slightly different design? We understand it perfectly! Check now what we have prepared for you - lots of colors, different types of door handles and this is not the end of surprises!

Create your window
Create your window
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Visit our Press Room

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